Thank You Page

When a user will submit a form with payment and the payment action whatever success or failed , Metform will redirect the user to Thank You page where the payment details / status will be visible.

Get Start

To use Thank You page admin needs to set the page from settings.

Thank You page settings

Add Short Code

Add Short Code [mf_thankyou]to the page you have selected for Thank You page

Thank You page short code


After payment action done the Thank You page will something like this

Thank you page demo


You can ad more functionality to your thank you page. Here is more short code to make a awesome thank you page.

If you want to show name along with the default thank you message then pass the fname with the field name


[mf_thankyou fname='fname_filed']

fname_field is the field name comes form Metform

If you want to show the the payment status then you can use the this short code



If you want to show transaction ID then you can use this short code.



If you want to show any filed data / value from the form then follow this short code


[mf filed='fname']

fname is the field name of the form